Our story

The Foody platform was established by the International Axis Foundation and we started in 2019 when we realized the need of many restaurant and coffee shop owners to know where to buy their products 

On the other hand, we also realized the need for suppliers in the restaurant sector to reach more easily for restaurant and coffee shop owners and to display their products in a simplified manner. 

From here, the success story of the Foody platform began as a Saudi institution in the city of Jeddah

Foody platform is the first of its kind and the largest in the region, which brings together hundreds of suppliers specialized in the field of restaurants and coffee shops and connects them directly with tens of thousands of restaurants and coffee shops and our subscribers

The Foody platform enables restaurant and coffee shop owners to directly book their goods with our participating suppliers, and payment is made in cash after receiving. 

Platform sections 

A website that brings together hundreds of suppliers

We connect the products of hundreds of suppliers with thousands of restaurant and coffee shop owners in one place 

Restaurants Haraj  

Interactive discussion for opinions and inquiries 
Suppliers and needy owners 

Restaurants Haraj

Supplier List

A list of all the suppliers participating with us and their classification according to their field of work

Things to know 

The Foody platform is only an intermediary between the sellers on our platform and the buyers. Our job is only to display the sellers’ products and present them to the buyers and facilitate communication between the two parties  

Foodie platform does not deliver 
Foodie platform does not deliver. We connect you with the competent supplier, and the supplier will communicate with you and agree on the delivery mechanism 

Foodie is not receiving payments 
We do not receive payments, we only connect the supplier with the buyer, and they agree on the payment mechanism and guarantee the quality of the products away from the responsibility of the Foody platform 

How does Foodi work

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