Influencer Marketing Guide for Restaurants

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    Marketing for Restaurants and Cafes: A Guide to Influencer Marketing for Restaurants


    Influencer marketing for restaurants is one of the modern strategies in the world of marketing for restaurants, which has witnessed a remarkable increase in recent years because of its significant impact on increasing the number of referrals from social media, which means increasing the percentage of customers and followers, and thus increasing profits, during the past year, the record of marketing through influencers for restaurants is average A profit of $ 7.65 for every dollar spent and is expected to increase in the coming years, if you are a restaurant owner, do not forget to include the policy of influencer marketing for restaurants in your strategic marketing plans and you will find a clear difference in increasing your profit rates and increasing your popularity both online and off, here are all What you need to know about influencer marketing for restaurants.

     The Importance of Using Influencer Marketing for Restaurants

    In the beginning, let us know together what is the meaning of influencer marketing It is marketing based on a group of ordinary people who have gained great fame over the Internet stemming from their ingenuity in providing certain types of content through which they were able to gather hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers, whether at the local or international level.

    In recent years, this phenomenon has emerged clearly and many business companies have noticed the extent to which these influencers influence their followers, and the shift in marketing has begun from the use of art and sports celebrities to marketing through influencers through social networking sites, as they are more credible to their followers than others.

    With time, influencer marketing for restaurants has become the basic rule that restaurant owners use to promote their restaurant and their menu items in order to attract food lovers who are always looking for the best and new. They always resort to following their influencers through social media sites to get guidance and know their reviews of the best in everything, especially Food influencers can form positive perceptions of their followers through direct personal interaction with them.

    Ways to Use Influencer Marketing for Restaurants

    Think globally and do locally

    The first step to take after deciding to use an influencer marketing strategy for your restaurant is to choose the influencers who will be the brand’s online partners in front of their followers, here we suggest thinking globally with them, but consider choosing local influencers when implementing they are well aware of the cultural norms and preferences of the local market and therefore They can attract the interest of the target customers more, so we point out that the influencer marketing strategy in restaurants is best suited to achieve an ideal balance that combines the global and local image as well, thus helping you in social growth and gaining more customers, which means increasing sales for your restaurant.


    audience first

    Before you start the marketing strategy that inspires you first by understanding the target audience well, you must know where your audience is located and which platforms they are located on the most, what are the things they are most concerned with, what are the types of pages they follow, and what are their favorite areas?, What What are the products that they need or like to buy? Who is the target age group for you? These and other questions form your general marketing strategy, and they guide you to the best social platforms in which you can reach your customers and create a good relationship with them through continuous communication, for example For example, if your audience is young people in the Arab Gulf, search for them on Instagram and Snapchat and connect with food influencers closest to this category.

    Create a business account for your restaurant on Instagram

    Instagram is considered one of the important marketing channels in recent years as it is one of the most important visual social platforms, which is a good marketing method for areas that rely heavily on tempting images to attract customers such as restaurants and food, and therefore you have to take advantage of this opportunity and have a heavy presence on Instagram by creating a business account For your restaurant on Instagram where you will find a lot of food influencers that you can collaborate with for the benefit of your restaurant.

    Choose the right influencer for your restaurant

    The right influencer is the person who specializes in your field and can give you the best results for marketing your restaurant, it may seem simple but the truth is not, you will choose not just a person but a symbol of your brand that speaks for itself and therefore you have to be careful of the mental image that others will receive about you through the influencer For example, do you want your brand to appear serious or funny? Bold or traditional? Easy or hard? What are the preferences of the target market and does the style and personality of the chosen influencer fit with all these factors or not?

     You can choose the influencer through a specialized marketing company, and you can choose it yourself by searching and tracking important hashtags related to your field until you reach the right person for your restaurant, and if you own a small local restaurant, you should target local influencers who live in your area, as they are more influential than others on potential customers.

    Build a strong relationship with influencers on social media

    Good relationships are not made between day and night, but need long and continuous periods of communication until these relationships come to fruition, and so the relationship with influencers must remain in good communication with them in the long term to bring positive results for both of you, and therefore focus on building a strong relationship based on credibility and interactions purposeful and shared with the target audience.

    Make a tempting offer

    After you find the right influencer that works best for you; Present an attractive proposal with value and convincing, and focus on one platform that is the best for your target customers to focus your efforts and budget, especially if it is relatively small, and you can communicate directly with influencers through direct messages on their accounts on social media and make a suitable offer to cooperate with them such as providing lunch Free for them at your restaurant with friends and family and in return they post about your restaurant and your services.

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