Restaurant Equipment Needs Wanted

  • The following equipment needs to be supplied:




    1 kneader XNUMX kg


    1 kneader XNUMX kg


    1 individual horizontal direction 


    XNUMX croissant cutting machine


    XNUMX dough cutting machine 


    XNUMX dough pellet machine 


    XNUMX Bramh Fino Machine


    XNUMX gas rotary oven XNUMX rack XNUMX x XNUMX Italian 


    XNUMX small XNUMX liter egg beater


    XNUMX standing freezer XNUMX meters


    XNUMX refrigerator, steel door


    XNUMX stainless steel work tables


    XNUMX petitfour and cake molding machine


    XNUMX refrigerators, XNUMX meters wide 


    XNUMX stainless steel trolley 


    XNUMX flat aluminum sheets


    XNUMX saj packet vino


    XNUMX saj kaiser


    XNUMX cupcake saj


    XNUMX Filling injection machine for croissants and donuts


    Send quotations on the private with clear pictures



  • All equipment of all kinds is available to us. Contact us via private 

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