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    Chairs and tables Cupboards Hotel supplies Towels - Robes - Quilts - Uniform pillows - Aprons - Hats Hotel utensils Tools and supplies for transporting, carrying and storing utensils Food storage boxes Coffee preparation tools and accessories Hotel electrical appliances Display screens Air curtains Bathroom supplies and accessories Hotel consumables Shampoo Soap - Balsam Toiletries and Detergents Fresheners Scented Tissues - Special Printing Paper for Sandwiches Paper for Sandwiches Special Printing Paper Cups Paper Cups Special Printing Paper Cups for Cold Drinks and Sundae Ice Cream Cups Popcorn Cups Paper Bags Paper Bags Special Printing Coffee and Coffee Packaging Bags Holder Pizza Boxes Cups Pizza Boxes Printing Especially burger and sandwich boxes, burger boxes and sandwiches - Special printing Foam plates and cups (cork) Wooden spoons Wooden spoons Special printing Plastic products Packaging and food preservation materials Platters - Aluminum containers Dishes Aluminum bowls with lids Dish lids Aluminum bowls Special printing Tissue paper - Special printing Paper boxes, flasks, plastic containers, flasks, glass containers, adhesive labels, cork boxes, polystyrene, disinfectants and sterilizers, order delivery bags. Food - Catering Food Coolers and Freezers Supplying vegetables and fruits Nutritional mixes Raw materials Bakeries Nutritional improvers and flavors Concentrates of juices and ice cream Biscuits Ice cream coffee and raw coffee Tea Raw chocolate Instant hot drinks Sugar envelopes Wrapped sugar envelopes Wrapped sugar fingers Blades for printing spices and condiments salt and spices - Hotel package wrappers butter - jam - cheese - sweetness of ketchup - mayonnaise - chili - olive oil - nuts wrappers - hospitality donuts - croissants - cup cake - cookies - western sweets (cheesecake - marvin - cookies - English cake oriental sweets (basbousa - kunafa - smoke) Club sandwiches and toast, baked goods, half bread sauce - sauces, fillings for burger bread, brioche bread, potato bread, frozen croissant tortilla bread - frozen cakes pies - frozen dry ice water, central kitchens, bakeries, bakery equipment - bakery ovens - bakery doughs - bakery individual - maintenance and spare parts Pizza Ovens Coffee Making Machines Coffee Grinding Machines Coffee Capsule Machines King Shake Machines Chocolate Making Machines Juice Making Machines Juice Mixers Ice Maker Machines Slush Machines Ice Tea Making Machines Game Machines Machines Ice Cream Ice Cream Machines on Tin Self-Vending Machines Waffle and Crepe Making Machine Pastry Display Refrigerators Display Refrigerators Vertical and Transverse Refrigerators with Surface Preparation Surface Restaurant Equipment and Tools Box Openers Meat Preparation and Cutting Machines Meat Cutting and Grinding Machines Food Display and Heating Containers Food Display and Cooling Containers Packaging Machines Packaging Machines Packaging of food dishes, packaging machines for juice, vacuum cups, vacuum, stainless steel, countertops, chimneys, grills, grills, heat-stone ovens, bakery ovens, limes, toaster, toaster, machinery, equipment, equipment, and machinery, for washing, central laundries, spare parts and maintenance of washing machines, spare parts and maintenance of machines and machines, food photographers, location photographers, designers Visual identities Designers Menu Colleges and Institutes of Hotel Employment Training Restaurants Labor Training Cafes Refrigerated Transportation

    • City / Riyadh 
    • Mobile 0539504181

  • What are the prices for the right of coffee? 

  • Masha Allah, I want to supply all coffee supplies in ironing, my right in Riyadh

  • What are your prices for coffee?

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