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Terms and Conditions     

User controls, terms and conditions for the Foody platform These controls and conditions represent a formal agreement "a necklace" Between platform Foody and the customers who use the Foody platform from restaurants and coffee shops, to name a few 

These terms and conditions also represent a formal agreement "contract" between the Foody platform and the service providers referred to here  Subscribed suppliers with the Fodi platform 

All the items listed below pertain to the contracting parties and referred to above

Which is an electronic platform that allows the suppliers participating with us to deliver to customers' stores and restaurants or to locations previously specified by customers,
Any use by you of the services provided by the Foody platform constitutes your agreement to this contract and its provisions, and accordingly you must not use the platform in the event that you do not agree to the terms and conditions contained in this contract
 We hope to review our privacy policy to learn more about how Foody uses the information that is provided to us by users of the platform entitled to receive services

You acknowledge and warrant the following:

You are not a competitor to Foody, nor do you offer any product that competes with the services provided by Foody.

You have full power and authority to contract and that you will not be in breach of any law or contract, and that you do not have any judicial precedents, arrest warrants, or claims by the security authorities.
 Pledges and warranties for all contractors with the Vodi platform
You represent and warrant that you will:
Comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
It provides true and accurate information to Fodi and updates it periodically.
You shall review and comply with any notices sent by Foody regarding your use of the services provided by the Foody platform.
You will use the service or the platform for legitimate purposes only, and you will not use the services to offer, purchase or receive any illegal materials or with the aim of fraud.
You will not use the Service or the Platform to cause harm, harassment, or annoyance to anyone.
You agree to exchange information between companies inside and outside the platform regarding your executed operations and to evaluate transactions with you.
It will not impede the proper operation of the Foody platform.
You will not attempt to harm the Service or the Platform in any way.
You will not copy or distribute the Platform or other content without the written permission of Fodi.
You will maintain the password for your account or any other identification we provide to you and allow access to your account, securely and confidentially.
You will provide us with all evidence proving your identity at Fody's sole discretion To all contracting parties here.
Foody has the right to refuse to provide the service or use the platform without giving reasons. To all contracting parties here 
The scope of the license
Foody grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-sublicensable and irrevocable license to obtain our services and use it only for a personal purpose (not for any commercial purposes, for example but not limited to) in accordance with this contract, so you must:
Not making services available, renting, allocating, allocating, reselling, distributing or sublicensing these services to any third party.
Not to modify, subtract, translate, summarize, or create a sub-work based on decoding, or reverse engineering the design of the Foody platform, or otherwise from specifying or trying to determine or attempt to access the source code or the internal design of the services or any text, or Multimedia images (images, audios, video files), data or other information provided by Foday or our third-party service providers.
Not to delete, change, or otherwise amend any right of copyright or other official notices contained in the services.
 Not intentionally transferring or distributing services, or allowing the services to be downloaded for use other than as specified herein.
Do not allow sharing of the username / password or other justification for accessing Foody services.
Breach of delivery policy:
Foody reserves the right to seek to implement any available remedies for any breach of the delivery policy, including, without limitation, the right to block access to Foody services and programs.
We would also like to clarify here that I am a Foody platform that works in a simple and basic way to link the joint supplier with it with the customer without assuming any responsibility for any failure in the delivery process 
The Foody platform is only an intermediary between the supplier and the buyer customer, and it is up to them to understand all the details of delivering the goods or commodities by appropriate means for both parties without the Foody platform being involved in the agreement concluded between the parties 
Intellectual property rights
All intellectual property rights on this platform and all materials related to it or appearing on it (including any content provided by Foody or inserted and all content uploaded to the platform by Foody) are property of Foody, and Foody has the right to dispose of this property as it wishes. You must not reproduce or allow any person, for any reason, to use or reproduce the services or any trademarks or other trade names that appear in the services.
Foody reserves the right to impose new fees for using the platform or the service, or both. If Foody decides to impose a new fee, it will inform you and allow you to continue with or terminate the contract.
You must pay the value of the services and purchases to the service provider in cash or by approved electronic payment methods immediately upon providing the service to you, with the option of the possibility of payment during service provision. And you alone bear the legal responsibility for not paying the value of services and purchases as soon as they are received.
Foody has the right to prohibit the customer in the event of non-payment of the value due for the service provided or in the event that the purchases are not received by the service provider, noting that Foody will not remove the ban from the customer until the payment of the service fees owed in the event it is decided to impose fees on the suppliers.
Buyers must also disclaim all responsibility of Foody for any problems, damages, or fraud by suppliers, and from here, one method of payment has been imposed at the present time, which is to pay in cash after the customer receives the goods from the supplier in the required and agreed manner, and this matter is the responsibility of The buyer, and Fodi does not have any involvement in this matter by virtue of the fact that the Foody platform only links the supplier with the customer, and the two parties mentioned here have the right to agree in a manner that suits them without interference or any responsibility from the Foody platform 
In the event that any fraud or any illegal matters are proven by the supplier or buyer to provide evidence for the management of the Foody platform at the e-mail below The most that can be provided by the Foody platform is to prohibit the buyer from entering or canceling the membership of the supplier and not to any party From the parties here, to ask the Foody platform for any amounts or material or intangible matters, and they have the right to resolve their dispute with each other away from the Foody platform 
Specifications varied
 In the event that any commodity received from the supplier differs and it appears that there is a difference in the specifications, then the Foody platform does not have any responsibility or any interference or any compensation  By virtue of the fact that the Foody platform only links the supplier with the customer, and the two parties mentioned here have the right to agree in a way that suits them without interference or any responsibility from the Foody platform 
In the event that any fraud or any illegal matters are proven by the supplier or buyer, to provide evidence for the management of the Foody platform at the email below The most that can be provided by the Foody platform is to prohibit the entry of the buyer from entering the platform or canceling the membership of the supplier and not Any of the parties here can claim any amounts or material or moral matters to the Foody platform, and they have the right to resolve their dispute with each other away from the Foody platform. 
The Foody platform disclaims its responsibility completely without bearing any part for any process in the difference of standards and specifications 
Fody disclaimer of any claims made by suppliers 
The supplier has no right to claim the Foody platform for material or moral compensation for any disputes between them and the buyers in the event that something happens    By virtue of the fact that the Foody platform only links the supplier with the customer, and the two parties mentioned here have the right to agree in a way that suits them without interference or any responsibility from the Foody platform 
The Foody platform completely disclaims its responsibility without incurring any part of any process of discrepancy or any problems between the supplier and the buyer  
By agreeing to these user conditions and the use of the platform or service, you agree to defend Foody, its subsidiaries, its licensors, and every official of its officials, directors, and other users, employees, lawyers, and agents, not to harm them and absolve them of their liability from any claims, costs, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses (including This is the attorneys' fees and costs) arising from or associated with the following:  
Your violation or breach of any of these user conditions or any applicable law or regulations, whether or not they are referred to in these terms and conditions of use.
Your violation of any rights of third parties, including service providers regulated by the platform.
Your use or misuse of the platform or the service.
legal responsibility
The information, recommendations, services or any of them provided to you on or through the website, service and platform are for general information purposes only and do not represent any advice. Foody will maintain, as much as possible, the correctness and updating of the website, the platform and its contents, but it does not guarantee that the (contents) of the website or the platform are free from errors, defects, malware and viruses, nor does it guarantee the correctness, accuracy and updating of the website and the platform.
Foody is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of (or inability to use) the website or platform, including damages caused by malware or viruses, and it is not responsible for the incorrectness or incompleteness of the information or the website or the platform, unless This damage may not be the result of willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of Foddy.
Modify services:
Foody reserves the right, and its sole discretion, to do the following at any time:
Change the services or any related materials; And / or stop publishing its services.
If Foody decides to stop publishing its services, it may, at will, replace the services with other similar materials.
Liability limits:
Foody does not make any guarantees, express or implied, regarding the services, they are all provided "as is". Foody clearly disclaims its responsibility, to the fullest extent possible in accordance with the law, for all guarantees, including, but not limited to, guarantees of suitability for a specific purpose, suitability for specific specifications and markets, and the viability of property rights for sale, and Foody does not guarantee the accuracy, content, or timing of services. Or the results that may or may not be obtained by the user of the services. Neither Foody nor its agents, licensors, or subsidiaries shall be liable in any case for direct or indirect damages, penalties, special damages, or incidental or consequential damages (including but not limited to damages resulting from loss of profits, failure Business, loss of business information or other financial losses) resulting directly or indirectly from accessing and using services (or failure to use them) or reliance on them.
Any offers, advertisements or contests that have not been announced on the official Foody website or via the affiliated social media that are managed by Foody are not taken into consideration, and you are not entitled to ask Fody to implement them. In addition, Foody is not responsible for any fraud committed by unofficial offers, advertisements or contests in the name of Foody.
You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the privacy of the services, and you are solely responsible for their use by anyone else using your account and / or username, password, or your access credentials. You also agree to notify Foday if you become aware of any loss, theft, or unauthorized use of any password, IP username or IP address, or other methods of accessing the services.
Interactions with others
While using the website, platform and service, you may correspond with or buy goods or services or participate in promotional offers provided by service providers, advertisers or sponsors offering their goods or services via a link on the website or through the platform or service. These links take you outside of the website, platform, and service, which are outside Foody's control. The websites that you can link to have independent terms and conditions as well as an independent privacy policy. Foody is not responsible for the content and activities of these websites and cannot be held accountable for them. Therefore, you bear all the risks that result from visiting or entering these sites.
Please note that these other sites may send their own cookies to users, collect their data, or request personal information, and then, we recommend that you check the terms of use or privacy policies on those sites before using them.
Contract term and termination
The contract between you and Fodi is indefinite. You have the right to terminate the contract at any time by permanently deleting the platform installed on your smartphone, thereby disrupting your use of the platform and the service. You may close your user account at any time after clearing the amounts related to you in favor of Foody
Foody has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect at any time (by suspending your use of the platform and the service), in case you do any of the following:
(A) Violate or breach any of the terms of the user
(B) If Foody believes you are misusing the Platform or the Service. Foday is under no obligation to send prior notice of contract termination.
Invalidation of one or more provisions

The following must also be observed

The nullity of any provision of these user conditions does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions contained therein. 

In the event that there is any invalid judgment in the terms of the present user or the existence of an unacceptable judgment in certain circumstances in accordance with the criteria of reasonableness and fairness and to this extent only, then a substitute shall be made between the two parties by a judgment that is acceptable in consideration of all circumstances and is compatible
With the provisions of the void clause as much as possible, taking into account the content and purpose of these user conditions.

Modify the service and user terms

Foody reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend or replace any of these user conditions, or to change, suspend or discontinue the service or platform (including but not limited to, providing any feature, database or content) in any Time, by publishing a notification on the site or by sending a notification to you through the service or platform or via e-mail. Foody may also place restrictions on certain features and services or limit your access to portions of the service or the entire service without notice or liability.
Foody may send a notification in any way it deems appropriate, such as public notifications on the platform, service, or mobile messages, or by using social media such as WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail, or paper correspondence by regular mail using the account information registered with Foody.
Applicable law and dispute resolution
These user conditions are subject to, and shall be applied to the settlement of any dispute, claim or disagreement arising from or related to the present user conditions or any violation of them, termination, implementation, interpretation, validity, or use of the site, service or platform, to the laws and regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and interpret According to her.