The Fodi platform stores

Open your own store on the Vodi platform

Why Fodi platform stores?

Do you want a similar online experience to sell your item in your real store? Want to control all of your ads in one place? Do you want no ads other than yours to appear to buyers? The answer is: Foodie platform store 

the benefits

Your own store page
Own your own page! Upload a logo, design for your ad space, and add information and details about your store by uploading a logo describing your store

Control Panel
Manage your ads and sales and monitor their effectiveness through the store dashboard.

Website You do not have a website?
Use your store in the Foody platform as your website and choose your domain, and share the store link on your Facebook page and other means of publicity and media.

Upper limit until advertisement
Through the store, you will have access to more sales than any other website, by virtue of our specialization in collecting thousands of restaurants and coffee shops in one place, which will enable you to sell larger goods and expand your business

Free promotion
We will promote your store on search engines.

common questions

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