What are ads? pop up 
How do you use it to your advantage in your business?

They are windows with multiple formats and options, that open a new page within the browser, usually providing distinct information about the site or providing advertisements 

It is very important to ensure that you use pop up ads in a timely manner
We will explain the most important to you now


This type of pop up ads appears when a user takes action on the page. Example: If he clicks on a specific area, this ad will appear, suggesting the user to take another action.

 Send notifications about new posts on the platform by the advertiser

This type of pop up ad basically opens a small notification window every time new content is published. Clicking the window will direct the user to your post

This is a great way to interact with people who follow your products and get the updates you want to post. This helps keep these users always interested in what you are doing, especially interacting with the new content you provide.

Make offers on products and services

If the visitor is browsing through the page of prices, tasks, success cases or even the advantages of the product or service that you provide, there is no more convenient time than now for you to offer your help 

Pop-up ads indispensable?

We are now sure that you have noticed that using popup ads can bring you many advantages in direct sales and marketing to your business.

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