Storm Standard Group 2 Italian coffee machine
Storm Standard Group 2 Italian coffee machine

Storm Standard Group 2 Italian coffee machine

70,000.00 SR
Group 2 espresso machine
2 Barista Attitude steam wands
5 inch screen
LED lighting
Tank capacity 2 liters
Boiler capacity 8,5 liters
Italian made.
wood holders
super dry
Electronic cup heater
It is the most distinctive type of coffee machine The Astoria Storm 4000 coffee machine is one of the best types of coffee machines that you will get, Storm coffee will add you to making special coffee in your cafe, this machine occupies the forefront in the coffee industry around the world, it works on Prepare the perfect cup of coffee.
Designed as a result of a collaboration with one of the most famous designers, Adriano Dizan, who owns one of the most famous studios in Italy, the sink adjustment allows the coffee maker to keep the cup at a level suitable for the drink, cleaning operations in the machine are routine and easy thanks to the circular thanks.
In addition to helping with washing by means of vertical extraction of the basin, it was built according to modern technologies
Machine Features
Provides complete control during manual dispensing of coffee.
It improves the flavor and taste of coffee.
It has an anti-burning steam wand that is safe and easy to move back into the sink when stopped.
The innovative Dry System keeps steam dry with minimal condensation.
Ensures continuous use of steam without affecting machine performance.
The machine has oak holders that have a comfortable and parallel grip
the screen
It measures 5 inches.
There is a screen for each group
It enables you to adjust the temperatures as desired for each group.
The screen displays a graph of the types of coffee that have been prepared.
Adjust and save energy
There is a program to determine the doses.
There is also a counter display
Laundry set.
The temperature of hot water can be changed through it
Counts cups prepared throughout the day.
Adjust the different scales for the types of coffee.
Additional Contents
Electronic cup warmer.
LED work counter
LED backlighting with lighting intensity setting.
Digital boiler pressure control.
USB input
Hydraulic circuit control system
the White
the black
the White and the black
red and white.
black and brown

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