7 Drinks DSK-118-FB - fooodi
7 Drinks DSK-118-FB - fooodi

DSK-7-FB serving product of 118 drinks

7,000.00 SR

Of our products:

(Seven drinks) DSK-118-FB  

Machine Features:

·        Right price.

·        High quality and high performance grinding system

·        Fully automatic fermentation machine.

·        Easy to use and packing.

·        Monitor LED Large and clear.

·        It offers seven types of hot drinks in addition to a button for hot water

·        Coffee used fresh love

·        Drop the cup automatically

·        Counter to count cups produced from each drink separately  

·        You can control the amount of sugar with a single special button

·        The use of the machine can be controlled by the special currency (metal plug) - upon request

·        Korean made.

·        Two years guarantee.


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